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Recovery Encounter Growth Encounter

Checklist on Recovery from Mood Disorders
RECOVERY ENCOUNTER™….A Card Game about Alcoholism and Spiritual Recovery
* 1000 Questions about partying, hitting bottom, getting sober & finding spirituality.
* Two or more can play. Great for teams in larger groups. Best suited for adults or teens in recovery.
* Easy to play…answer questions, win points, attain serenity, become a sponsor, help a fellow alcoholic, receive grace or stay in denial.

GROWTH ENCOUNTER™….A Card Game about Self-Discovery and Substance Abuse Prevention
* A multiple-choice question and answer game about addiction, emotions, pastimes, and leadership.
* Two or more can play, use teams for larger groups-best suited for pre-teens to adults.
* Easy to play…answer questions, win points, receive grace or fall into chaos, attain serenity, become a mentor, help a fellow player.

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