Sober Games




Recovery Encounter

"My teen groups liked the game so much they wanted to start every
group session with some questions from Recovery Encounter,"
Judy M., MSW, LCSW, counselor at a teen detention center.

" It's rare to combine education and fun so completely; in my
experience, Recovery Encounter does so very successfully. In addition,
the non-competitive nature of the game adds to the atmosphere of
friendliness and humor. I recommend the game to anyone who wants to
have fun and learn about addiction and recovery."
Kelley Conway, writer & performer.

" The game proved to be a wonderful interactive tool with clients.
It opens up a dialogue for discussion about recovery which is essential
in the recovery process. The game was especially helpful with clients
who were burnt out from more-of -the-same type group meetings.

Clients were enthusiastically participating and often felt a sense of
achievement from answering question correctly. It was designed in
such a way as to give every player some success. Other counselors
who use the game with clients at the facility had similar favorable

I would strongly recommend Recovery Encounter as a therapeutic
tool for anyone who is working with those in recovery."
Heidi Stone-Gershon, M.Ed.

Growth Encounter

Growth Encounter is a creative game that not only teaches kids about
substance prevention, but, more importantly, helps kids develop
strategies to stay substance free through self development and leisure
focused questions. The game is not the destination, but the process and
would be a great addition to every school, life skills curriculum, and

Thomas J. Cormican, MSW
Community Substance Abuse Prevention Programming Director

"What a great tool to use in group! Growth Encounter has really
helped me see how my kids communicate. The facts about alcohol
and drugs answer many questions they have about the choices they
face every day. They also learn about fun things to do, feelings, and
tidbits of history. I, too, have learned a lot from playing Growth
Jennifer Casey, high school/middle school substance abuse counselor.